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Balance calculations

We offer mass and energy balance calculations. Also chemical reactions can be accounted for.

Balance calculation can be utilized:

  • in estimating product and required raw material amounts
  • in analysing process streams and their composition
  • in equipment sizing
  • in eliminating measurement errors
  • in estimating heating and cooling demands

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Simulation of shock and vibration tests

Many structures and instruments attached to different vehicles need to fulfil certain shock or vibration requirements. In most cases this has to be proved using physical shock or vibration testing according to some specific standard.

Fulfilling these requirements is often difficult and time consuming and several product development iterations are needed. Specially, a vibration fatigue assessment is very time consuming using traditional product development tools.

At Stressfield, we have simulated short duration shock test as well as long duration vibration tests for equipment in ships and railway applications. Simulations have provided good results in relatively short time. Results were confirmed afterwards using physical testing according to applicable standard.

ASD Spectrum in vibration test (mm/s^2)^2/Hz

PSD-response (MPa^2/Hz)

Field measurements

Field measurements are used to determine the true loading behavior of structures and to guarantee that the loading assumptions used in FEA are realistic.

The measurements most often consist of strain gage, hydraulic pressure and acceleration measurements.

The measurement project is planned and the results of it are analysed by Stressfield Oy. Measurement itself is conducted by our subcontractor.

Measurement in harbor during wintertime.

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