Although we in Stressfield Oy concentrate on solving the engineering problems of our customers, we still maintain close academic relationships to the neighboring LUT University in Lappeenranta. We participate in writing and reviewing of journal and conference papers to maintain our professional skills.

The present paper “Image Analysis of Bubbling Mode Condensation in Horizontal Sparger” of M.Sc. Elina Hujala (LUT) that we are co-authoring address the issue of measuring interface velocities and accelerations of rapidly condensing steam bubbles by using image analysis. Image analysis enables non-intrusive and affordable way to obtain data of rapid two-phase flow phenomena that could not be analyzed by other means.

The data obtained can be used directly in the development and validation work of interfacial area and heat transfer models of two-phase flows under phase change. These models improve the capability of numerical solvers (e.g. CFD) to capture condensation related oscillations in the industrial systems such as nuclear power plants.