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Below is a list of all the cookies on this website and their descriptions.

WordPress (mandatory cookie type)
This website has been created with WordPress. WordPress does not collect any cookies from its normal visitors in any way. If you login inside the dashboard or leave a comment, WordPress may save some functionality-based general cookies. The owner of this website does not make use of WordPress cookies in any way, all the functionality comes completely from WordPress itself. Read more.

Polylang (mandatory cookie type)
This multilingual site has been created with the help of the Polylang add-on. Polylang saves info such as the user's chosen language in the cookies. Read more.

Google Tag Manager (optional cookie type)
Google Tag Manager is a multi-function service made by Google. It is usually connected to Google Analytics, whose features are to inform the administrators of the website about the usage data of their visitors. Google Analytics data can help the website owners with understanding which of their content is browsed more and, for example, identifying popular topics on the site. Google Tag Manager also enables site administrators to input elements made by other parties such as tracking cookies from Facebook or Adobe. Read more.

Embeds (optional cookie type)
The site could have many different embeds. Embeds can consist of any kind of iframe element that brings data from another website to this site. Examples of common embeds are Youtube videos or singular tweets from Twitter. With embeds content like this can be shown without visiting the other site directly. In embeds the content of the other site is shown completely within the bounds of this site. Other sites can fully control their own cookie policies, what kind of cookies are set, and how they are used. For example, if you watch any Youtube video on this site, Youtube can still place its own cookies even if you watch its video from this site.

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